Immorality sounds like a gift from the gods themselves, until it is bestowed upon you, and you realize it’s actually a curse.

A living Hell.

It’s a sick and twisted joke, and yet as fucked up as it all is…I can’t help but find it all a little funny.

Maybe it’s because I’ve gone mad, or maybe it’s because I’m a cynical, tricky bastard. Who knows?

…it’s both, really.

If you’re looking for me, I’m either on:

Tom x Lysander x Oliver

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Is it really so impossible to imagine?

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My favorite thing about them

  • That I can trust her completely.

My least favorite thing about them

  • That, she too, had to deal with my father.

Do I find them attractive?

  • You should see her in lingerie. Actually, no. You can’t see that. That’s for my eyes only. Ha. No.

Are we friends?

  • The bestest ever. Ugh. No.

Would I date them?

  • Many times. [/raises eyebrow]

Would I marry them? 

  • We are engaged, so [/scoffs]

Would I have children with them?

  • Our children would be little devils in angel’s clothing. Why would I ever.

Would I die for them? 

  • Without a second thought. …?????
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People act ever so slightly differently depending on who they are around. Send me a ◭ and I’ll tell you something my character does or would likely do around yours that is unique or specialized to their interactions.

Myc doesn’t keep any walls up around Riley, nor does he hold back anything. He doesn’t have to keep secrets from her and he doesn’t. Nor does he try to do so. He’s fully open and fully vulnerable around her. He doesn’t hide his emotions or try to pretend around her.

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Does anyone want a starter? No? Okay.


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Just a reminder if anyone’s looking for me, I’m probably here or here.

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"Yes, I have it, darling, but no, you may not have it. You know what I want, first.”

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Does anyone want a starter? No? Okay.

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